Adults-Only Austin Weddings: How to Politely Request It -

Adults-Only Austin Weddings: How to Politely Request It

Hey there! Planning a wedding in Austin, Texas is exciting, but there’s something important to think about. Do you want your wedding to be just for grown-ups? If you do, that’s totally okay, and we’re here to help you ask nicely. Let’s get started!

1. Why Choose an Adults-Only Wedding

First things first, why would you want to have a wedding just for adults?

  • Intimate Atmosphere: Adults-only celebrations often create a more intimate and sophisticated ambiance, allowing guests to relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about young children.
  • Less Stress: It can be easier on your wallet and simpler to organize when there are no kids.
  • Party Time: The adults can party and dance late into the night without worrying about their little ones.
  • Theme Fun: Some wedding styles are better suited for adults, making your day even more special.
2. When to Make the Decision

So, when should you tell everyone that your wedding is for grown-ups?

a. Early Talk: You should let people know about this in the early stages of planning. You can put it on your wedding website, save-the-dates, or formal invitations.

b. Be Fair: Be fair to everyone. If you’re saying “no kids,” it should be for all kids, not just a few.

c. Polite Reminders: If someone asks if they can bring kids, just remind them kindly that it’s an adults-only day.

d. Be Clear: Use clear words to let everyone know. For example, you can say, “We’d love our wedding to be just for adults.”

3. Polite Invitations

When it’s time to send out invitations, how can you ask nicely for an adults-only wedding?

a. Use the Right Words: Choose words like “Adults Only” on the invitation or “We kindly ask that only adults will attend.”

b. Be Clear: Put it on the invitation, so no one is confused. You can say, “Because it’s a special, adult-only day, we hope you’ll understand that we’d like only adults to join us.”

c. Names on Envelopes: If you’re sending physical invitations, write the adults’’ names on the envelopes. For families, you can write “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” instead of “The Smith Family.”

d. RSVP with a Seat Count: On the RSVP card, tell people how many seats are saved for them. This way, they’ll know it’s only for the adults.

4. Navigating Guest Expectations

Some people might have questions or worries. Here’s how to handle that:

a. Explain Before They Ask: Try to tell everyone before they even ask. You can do this on your wedding website or by talking to family and friends.

b. Have a Plan: If someone brings kids even after you asked for no kids, make a plan. Have someone look after the kids somewhere else during the wedding.

c. Be Nice: If someone seems upset, stay calm and be nice. Tell them you appreciate them and hope they can still make it.

d. Respect Differences: Not everyone will see things the same way. That’s okay! Your wedding, your rules.

5. The Art of Being Kind

It’s super important to be kind when you talk about your adults-only wedding:

a. Explain Why: If someone doesn’t understand, explain why you want it this way. Most people will get it if you tell them why.

b. Be Friendly: Be polite and understanding when you talk about it. It’s okay if someone is surprised or confused.

c. No Arguments: Don’t fight with anyone about it. Keep things friendly and respectful.

d. Say Thank You: Always say thanks to people who understand and are supportive. Tell them how much you appreciate their understanding.

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