Austin Wedding Planning Timeline: Your Road to 'I Do' -

Austin Wedding Planning Timeline: Your Road to ‘I Do’

Hey there! We know planning a wedding can be tricky, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Let’s make it super easy to plan your wedding in Austin, Texas. We’ll break it down into simple steps, and it’s going to be fun, just like planning your dream day should be.

12-18 Months Before: Dreaming Phase

This is where the fun begins. You get to dream about your special day. Here’s what you can do:

1. Imagine Your Dream Wedding
Close your eyes and picture your perfect wedding. Think about the time of year, where you want it, and what it should feel like.

2. Sort Out Your Budget
Start by deciding how much money you can spend on your wedding. Make a list of the things that are most important to you.

3. List Your Guests
Write down the names of all the people you want to invite. This will help you figure out the right place and how much it will cost.

9-12 Months Before: Getting Started

Now, it’s time to get organized and book the important stuff.

4. Choose a Place
Find a great spot for your wedding and book it. There are lots of cool places in Austin, so explore a few and pick the one that feels just right.

5. Photographs and Videos
You’ll want to capture all the special moments. Look at some photos and videos to find the best person to do it.

6. Plan the Food
Think about what kind of food you want at your wedding. It can be fancy or simple, whatever you like.

7. Time to Shop for Your Dress
Now, this is the fun part! Start looking for your wedding dress and all the cool stuff that goes with it.

8. Lock in a Date
Choose the date you want to get married. Make sure it works for you, your family, and the place you picked.

6-9 Months Before: Nailing Down the Details

It’s time to dive into the details of your big day.

9. Think About Some Help
You might want to hire a wedding planner or a day-of coordinator. They’re like magical helpers who can make things go smoothly.

10. Send Out Save the Dates
Let your guests know when your wedding will be so they can save the date.

11. Pick Your Wedding Crew
Ask your friends and family to be part of your wedding. You can make it a fun surprise!

12. Create the Invitations
Design or order your wedding invitations. They should match the style and theme of your wedding.

13. Plan the Ceremony
Decide how your ceremony will go, like who will marry you and what music you’ll use.

4-6 Months Before: Almost There

You’re doing great! Now, let’s make sure everything is set.

14. Wedding Rings
Choose your wedding rings and make sure they fit perfectly.

15. Confirm the Menu
Taste the food you’ll have at your wedding and make sure it’s delicious.

16. Flowers and Decorations
Think about the flowers and decorations you want at your wedding. Don’t forget your beautiful bouquet.

17. How to Get There
Plan how you and your guests will get to the wedding. It could be a fancy car, a bus, or even a horse-drawn carriage!

18. Beauty Time
Schedule a time to try out your hair and makeup so you look stunning.

2-4 Months Before: Almost at the Finish Line

Things are coming together, but there are a few important jobs left.

19. Make Some Music
Choose the songs you want to hear at your wedding. It could be a live band or a DJ, but they need to know your favorite tunes.

20. Marriage Paper
Don’t forget to get your marriage license. It’s an important piece of paper that says you’re allowed to get married.

21. Where to Sit
Decide where everyone will sit during the ceremony and reception.

1-2 Months Before: The Home Stretch

It’s almost here, time to wrap up the details.

22. Final Dress Fitting
Make sure your dress fits just right, like a superhero costume!

23. Double-Check Everything
Go through all the details, from the cake to the flowers, to make sure everything is perfect.

24. Make a Plan
Create a plan for your wedding day, so you know what’s happening and when. It’s like an adventure map for your big day.

2 Weeks Before: Almost There!

25. Rehearsal Dinner
Practice for the big day at a rehearsal dinner with your wedding crew.

26. Confirm Everything
Double-check with all your helpers to make sure they have all the right details.

1 Week Before: Time to Relax

27. Take a Break
Relax and treat yourself to some nice things. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve it!

28. Emergency Kit
Create a kit with things like safety pins, stain remover, and pain relievers. It’s like your superhero utility belt.

Your Wedding Day: Let’s Do This!

The big day is finally here. Take a deep breath, enjoy every moment, and say “I do.”

After the Wedding: Happily Ever After

Your wedding was amazing, but there are a few things to do after the party is over.

29. Say Thank You
Thank everyone for sharing your special day with you. Send them nice notes to show your appreciation.

30. Keep the Memories
Create a photo album or video to remember your wedding day forever.

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