Dos and Don'ts of Austin Wedding Planning -

Dos and Don’ts of Austin Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding in Austin, Texas is exciting, but there are some things you should do and some things you should avoid. Let’s explore the dos and don’ts to make your Austin wedding planning smooth and fun!

The Dos of Austin Wedding Planning

1. Start Early
Start planning your wedding ahead of time. Early planning helps you book the best places and people for your wedding. It also means less rushing and stress.

2. Set a Realistic Budget
Decide how much money you can spend on your wedding. It’s essential to be realistic about your budget. That way, you won’t have money troubles later.

3. Consider the Weather
Austin’s weather can be a bit tricky. Do some research on what the weather is like during your wedding date. This way, you’ll be ready if it’s super hot or rainy.

4. Create a Guest List
Make a list of all the people you want to invite to your wedding. This helps you pick the right venue and know how much food you need.

5. Choose the Right Venue
Pick a place for your wedding that fits your dreams. Think about how big it should be and where it should be located.

6. Prioritize What Matters Most
Figure out what’s super important to you. Do you love food? Then, spend more on delicious catering. Love music? Hire a great band or DJ. This helps you use your budget wisely.

7. Hire Trusted Vendors
Find and hire people you can trust for your wedding, like photographers, florists, and caterers. It’s always a good idea to check reviews and ask for recommendations.

8. Plan the Perfect Menu
Austin is famous for its food. So, make sure the menu at your wedding is amazing. Include local flavors and dishes you and your guests will love.

9. Invest in Photography and Videography
Hire great photographers and videographers to capture your special day. Those pictures and videos will remind you of your wedding forever.

10. Make It Personal
Add your unique touch to your wedding. It could be a theme, a hobby, or anything special that shows who you are.

The Don’ts of Austin Wedding Planning

1. Don’t Procrastinate
Don’t wait until the last moment to plan your wedding. Starting early gives you more time to make choices and lowers stress.

2. Don’t Overspend
Stay within your budget. Overspending can cause money stress after your wedding. Stick to your budget.

3. Don’t Ignore Weather Considerations
Don’t hope the weather will be perfect. Austin can be quite hot or rainy, so always have a backup plan.

4. Don’t Invite Everyone You Know
Don’t feel like you need to invite everyone you’ve met. Keep your guest list manageable. Smaller weddings often feel cozy and more special.

5. Don’t Choose the Wrong Venue
Don’t rush picking a venue. Visit places and think carefully about choosing the perfect one for your wedding.

6. Don’t Forget Prioritizing
Don’t lose sight of what’s most important to you. Avoid overspending on things that aren’t crucial.

7. Don’t Rush Vendor Selection
Don’t hurry when picking your wedding vendors. Take your time to find the best ones.

8. Don’t Settle for Mediocre Food
Your wedding menu should be fantastic. Austin has great food, so don’t compromise on it.

9. Don’t Skimp on Photography and Videography
Don’t choose the cheapest options for photos and videos. High-quality memories are worth it.

10. Don’t Forget to Personalize
Make your wedding unique and special. Don’t make it like every other wedding.


Austin wedding planning is a breeze if you remember the dos and avoid the don’ts. Start early, set a realistic budget, and prioritize what’s important. Don’t procrastinate or overspend, and always have a plan for the weather. Your dream wedding in Austin, Texas is possible, and these tips will help make it happen.

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