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Embracing Texas Traditions in Your Austin Wedding

Howdy there, soon-to-be brides and grooms! Planning a wedding in Austin is a lot of fun, and you can make it extra special by adding some Texan traditions. Even if you’re not from Texas, these traditions can give your wedding a fun and unique Texas flair. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can include some Texan spirit in your wedding for a day you’ll always remember.

1. Lively Line Dancing

Line dancing is a great way to get everyone at your wedding up and dancing. It’s like a big dance party!

Tip: You can even hire a special dance teacher to show your guests the steps. It’s a fun way to get everyone moving and having a good time.

2. Cowboy Boots for All

Ask your guests to wear their coolest cowboy boots to your wedding. Cowboy boots are those cool, pointy shoes that make you look like a Texan cowboy or cowgirl.

Tip: You can have a contest to see who has the best boots. The person with the fanciest or funniest boots could win a prize. You could also set up a special shoe-shining area where guests can make their boots look extra fancy.

3. Texas BBQ Feast

In Texas, people love to eat BBQ. It’s when you cook meat on a grill and add flavorful sauces to make it taste delicious. You can have a BBQ feast at your wedding.

Tip: It’s a great idea to get a BBQ restaurant to cook the food for your wedding. They’re experts at making BBQ taste amazing. You could also give your guests little bottles of BBQ sauce to take home as a keepsake.

4. Western-Themed Decor

For your wedding, you can decorate with things that make it feel like you’re in the Wild West. Think about things like burlap (a rough, kind of scratchy fabric), lace, and mason jars.

Tip: You can also add wooden signs with fun Texas words like “Howdy” and “Y’all” to make your wedding feel even more Texan. Mason jars with pretty wildflowers inside can make your wedding look even more special.

5. Texas Flag Details

The Texas flag has red, white, and blue colors. You can use these colors in your wedding decorations to give it a Texan touch.

Tip: You can also use the Texas flag as inspiration for your wedding colors. You could even use little Texas flags on your wedding cake or as decorations on your tables.

6. Western-Style Photo Booth

A photo booth is a place where your guests can take funny pictures with cowboy hats, bandanas, and lassos.

Tip: You can set up a special photo album for your guests to put their pictures in. This album will be a special memory of your wedding day.

7. Texan Sweet Treats

In Texas, they love sweets like pecan pie and pralines. You can have these tasty treats at your wedding.

Tip: You could even let your guests make their own pecan pie with their favorite toppings. It’s like a fun and tasty activity for your guests. You can also give them small pies to take home.

8. Live Country Music

In Texas, they love country music. You can hire a local band to play country songs at your wedding.

Tip: Ask the band if they can learn some special Texas songs that you and your guests can dance to. You can also have a dance floor with hay bales and twinkling lights to make it feel like a country party.

9. Texan Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are small gifts you give your guests to thank them for coming to your wedding. You can give them Texan-themed gifts.

Tip: Some ideas are cookies shaped like Texas, tiny bottles of local Texas whiskey or hot sauce, or candles that smell like Texas. Your guests will love these little surprises.

10. Western-Inspired Attire

You and your wedding party can wear clothes that look like they belong in the Wild West.

Tip: For the bride, you can wear a wedding dress made of lace and add cowboy boots to your outfit. Grooms can wear stylish bolo ties or cowboy hats. Your wedding party can wear Western-style belts or other accessories to look the part.

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Have a fantastic time planning your Texas-style wedding, y’all! Your Lone Star celebration is just beginning!