Hot Trends in Austin Wedding Signage: What's In? -

Hot Trends in Austin Wedding Signage: What’s In?

Hey there, soon-to-be-wed lovebirds! If you’re getting ready for your wedding in beautiful Austin, Texas, you’re in for a treat. In this blog post, we’re diving into the hottest trends in wedding signage to give your big day that extra-special touch. From magical chalkboard signs to rustic and elegant displays, we’ve got the scoop on what’s trending right now.

1. Chalkboard Magic

Chalkboard signs are all the rage, and for a good reason. They’re like magical boards you can write on, and they add a touch of vintage charm to your wedding.

  • Message Boards: Chalkboard signs can welcome your guests with a personal message from you.
  • Seating Charts: They make for trendy seating charts that you can update easily.
  • Instagram Hashtags: Have a special hashtag for your wedding? Share it on a chalkboard sign!
  • Fun Photo Booths: Use chalkboard signs to add some fun and whimsy to your photo booth area.
2. Wooden Wonders

Rustic weddings are a hit in Austin, and wooden signs fit right in with this theme. They’re versatile and add a warm touch to your day.

  • Welcome Signs: Greet your guests with wooden signs that set the tone for your rustic wedding.
  • Directional Signs: Use them to guide guests to different areas of your venue.
  • Bar Menus: Wooden signs look fantastic displaying your drink choices.
  • Love Quotes: Add a romantic touch by engraving love quotes on wooden signs.
3. Elegant Acrylic

For a modern and elegant look, acrylic signs are taking the wedding scene by storm. They’re sleek, chic, and oh-so-stylish.

  • Welcome Signs: Acrylic welcomes signs look fantastic with bold lettering.
  • Table Numbers: Use acrylic signs with elegant fonts for your table numbers.
  • Ceremony Details: Share the order of your ceremony with your guests on an acrylic sign.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Signs: Personalize your sweetheart table with elegant Mr. & Mrs. acrylic signs.
4. Floral Finesse

Flowers are a big part of Austin’s charm, and floral wedding signage is a trend that celebrates this beauty.

  • Flower Frames: Decorate your signs with lovely floral frames for a romantic touch.
  • Hanging Blooms: Opt for hanging signage adorned with fresh or artificial blooms.
  • Floral Initials: Add your initials with a floral twist for a personalized touch.
  • Boho Vibe: Floral signage complements a boho wedding theme perfectly.
5. Rustic and Vintage

The rustic and vintage vibe is here to stay, and signs made from reclaimed materials or vintage frames are the way to go.

  • Reclaimed Wood: Use old wood for a rustic, environmentally-friendly touch.
  • Distressed Frames: Vintage frames with a touch of distress are all the rage.
  • Antique Details: Add vintage knobs, keys, or hinges to your signs for a unique flair.
  • Warm and Cozy: These signs fit perfectly with a warm and cozy wedding theme.
6. Neon Lights

For those who want a modern and fun vibe, neon signs are a brilliant choice. They add a pop of color and a hint of retro.

  • Custom Neon: Personalize your neon sign with your names, wedding date, or a special message.
  • Fun Phrases: Neon signs with fun phrases like “Dance the Night Away” bring a party atmosphere.
  • Photo Backdrops: Use neon signs as photo backdrops to create memorable moments.
  • Bright and Bold: Neon signs work well with a wedding theme that’s bright and full of life.
7. Earthy Elegance

Austin’s natural beauty is a big inspiration, and signs that incorporate earthy elements are a hit.

  • Moss and Greenery: Signs adorned with moss and greenery give a fresh and earthy feel.
  • Stone Accents: Incorporate stones and pebbles into your signage for an organic touch.
  • Wood Slices: Signs made from wood slices bring a rustic and natural charm.
  • Garden Inspired: These signs work wonders for garden or outdoor weddings.
8. Say It with Tiles

For a touch of European elegance, consider using decorative tiles in your wedding signage.

  • Spanish Influence: Tiles with intricate patterns add a Spanish flair to your decor.
  • Unique Backdrops: Use tiles as unique backdrops for specific areas, like the cake table.
  • Vintage Aesthetic: They look great with vintage and boho wedding themes.
  • Mosaic Patterns: Create a stunning mosaic effect by arranging tiles in different patterns.
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