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Houston Wedding Trends 2023: What’s In and What’s Out

Planning a wedding is super exciting! It’s like putting together a big puzzle, with each piece representing something special. If you’re getting married in Houston, Texas, you’re in for a real treat. The wedding world is always changing, and 2023 has some exciting trends in store. This blog post will explore what’s cool and what’s not for your Houston wedding in 2023.

Trending Wedding Themes

In: Boho-Chic Bliss

What’s In: Boho-chic weddings are all about a relaxed and artistic vibe. It’s like having a fancy party in a garden. Imagine rustic places, lots of flowers, and easy-breezy bridal outfits.

Tips: Pick outdoor spots, mix and match your bridesmaid’s dresses, and add natural decorations. Flower crowns and flowy bridal gowns fit the boho-chic style perfectly.

Out: Overly Traditional

What’s Out: Traditional weddings are becoming less popular. Those super formal and old-fashioned themes are getting a makeover. People want something unique and relaxed.

The Perfect Venue

In: Intimate Garden Ceremonies

What’s In: Small and cozy garden ceremonies are all the rage. Think of beautiful green spaces like the McGovern Centennial Gardens for your vows.

Tips: Decorate with pretty arches and create a comfy spot for your guests to sit. Nature’s beauty will make your day feel extra special.

Out: Overly Grand Ballrooms

What’s Out: Big and fancy ballrooms are no longer the go-to choice. Couples want more intimate places for their weddings, where they can feel close to their loved ones.

Wedding Colors

In: Earthy Tones

What’s In: Colors like terracotta, sage green, and warm browns are super popular in 2023. They give your wedding a cozy and natural feeling.

Tips: Use these colors in your flower arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, and table settings. They work well in both indoor and outdoor venues.

Out: Neon Colors

What’s Out: Neon colors are not the cool kids in town anymore. Those super bright and flashy shades are being swapped for calmer and more soothing colors.

Bridal Fashion

In: Sustainable and Unique

What’s In: Sustainable fashion is the trend for brides. It’s all about using eco-friendly materials and wearing a unique gown that no one else has.

Tips: You can look for pre-loved dresses, support local designers, or even wear a family heirloom. Sustainable fashion is both stylish and good for the Earth.

Out: Overly Extravagant Gowns

What’s Out: Gowns with lots of dramatic details and bling are losing their shine. Simplicity and being kind to the environment are the way to go.

Wedding Tech

In: Livestreaming

What’s In: Livestreaming your wedding is like sharing your special day with faraway friends and family. It’s like a live TV show about your wedding!

Tips: Set up a camera and make sure you have a good internet connection. You can even create a special website just for your wedding livestream.

Out: Disposable Cameras

What’s Out: Those one-time-use cameras are no longer a thing. Couples want high-quality digital photos and videos to remember their day.

Food and Drink

In: Interactive Food Stations

What’s In: Interactive food stations are a hit! It’s like having your own mini restaurant at your wedding. Guests can build their own tacos or make their own desserts.

Tips: Offer lots of different options to make everyone happy, from savory to sweet. It’s a fun way to keep your guests well-fed and entertained.

Out: Formal Sit-Down Dinners

What’s Out: Fancy sit-down dinners are getting less popular. Couples are going for a more relaxed dining experience where everyone can chat and enjoy the food.


In: Eco-Friendly Decor

What’s In: Eco-friendly decor is a must for many couples. It’s all about using things that can be used again and again, so there’s less waste.

Tips: Choose potted plants instead of cut flowers, rent decor instead of buying it, and avoid single-use plastic. You can also donate to an environmental charity instead of giving out wedding favors.

Out: Excessive Waste

What’s Out: Going overboard and creating lots of trash is no longer cool. Single-use stuff and decor that ends up in the garbage are becoming a thing of the past.


Staying up-to-date with wedding trends can make your big day even more special. Whether you’re going for a boho-chic theme, embracing sustainable fashion, or picking earthy colors, 2023 is all about making your wedding unique and eco-friendly.

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