Kid-Friendly San Antonio Wedding: Keeping the Little Ones Happy -

Kid-Friendly San Antonio Wedding: Keeping the Little Ones Happy

Hello, soon-to-be newlyweds! If you’re getting married in San Antonio and you’re inviting kids to your wedding, this blog’s for you. We’re here to help you plan a kid-friendly wedding so everyone has a blast. Let’s jump into some great tips to keep those kiddos grinning on your big day.

1. The Perfect Venue

Kid-Friendly Location: When picking your wedding place, think about the kids. Find spots with outdoor space or play areas for them to have a blast.

Extra Tip: If your venue isn’t super kid-friendly, you can hire a babysitter or make a special corner for the kids to play.

2. Kid-Friendly Menu

Delish Kids’ Menu: Talk to your caterer about a special menu just for the kids. Think about their favorite foods to keep those tummies happy.

Extra Tip: Remember, some kids might have allergies or special diets, so offer some different choices.

3. Kid-Style Entertainment

Cool Games and Activities: Prepare games and activities to keep the little ones entertained. You can have coloring stations, lawn games, and even a photo booth for them.

Extra Tip: Hiring a magician or clown is a fantastic way to keep kids happy and add more fun to your wedding.

4. A Special Kids’ Table

Kid-Friendly Table: Create a table just for the kids. You can decorate it with fun stuff and add activities to keep them busy.

Extra Tip: Have some grown-ups sit at the kids’ table to help out and keep everything organized.

5. Gifts for the Kiddos

Kid-Friendly Wedding Favors: Get some wedding favors just for the kids. It could be a small toy, a coloring book, or some crayons to keep them smiling.

Extra Tip: Make sure the favors match the kids’ ages and interests. You want them to love their gifts!

6. Kid Involvement

Kids at Toasts: When it’s time for toasts, make sure the kids have their own special drink to raise along with the adults.

Kids’ Dance Time: Set up a part of the dance floor just for the kids. Play some of their favorite songs, and they’ll have a blast!

Extra Tip: Ask your DJ to play songs that are perfect for both kids and grown-ups during the dance party.

7. A Cake That’s Kid-Tastic

Fun Wedding Cake: Design a cake that kids will go wild for. Think of fun colors or cool themes that kids love.

Extra Tip: Serve cupcakes or mini cakes – kids love having their very own dessert!

8. Snapping Pics with Kids

Take Pics with the Kids: Work with your photographer to capture sweet moments with the kids at your wedding.

Extra Tip: Don’t forget to take a group photo to make some lovely memories with your young guests.

9. Kid Rest Area

Tired Kids: If your wedding goes late, think about setting up a quiet place where tired kids can take a nap.

Extra Tip: Give them comfy sleeping bags or blankets for a cozy nap spot.

10. Safety First for Kids

Safety Precautions: Make sure your wedding spot is safe for kids. Cover up sharp corners and keep an eye out for anything that might be dangerous.

Extra Tip: Set up a special area where kids can play safely, away from the main action.

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