Venue Styling Tips from Austin Wedding Designers -

Venue Styling Tips from Austin Wedding Designers

Hey there, soon-to-be brides and grooms! Planning your wedding in Austin, Texas? Well, it’s time to make your wedding place look absolutely fantastic. In this blog post, we’re sharing helpful tips from experienced Austin wedding designers to help you make your wedding venue look awesome.

1. Know Your Venue

Every wedding place is different. You should understand how your place looks before you decorate it:

a. Visit the Place: Go visit the place where you’ll have your wedding. Look at how it looks, how much light there is, and what’s already there.

b. Use What’s Great: Find the best parts of the place and think about how to make them even better.

c. Change or Keep: Decide if you want to keep the place’s style or make it different.

d. Fit Your Stuff: Make sure the things you choose fit well in the place.

2. Choose a Style

Your wedding style is like the look of your wedding. You need to decide how you want your wedding to look:

a. Make a Mood Board: Find pictures and colors that show how you want your wedding to look.

b. Talk to a Designer: Share your mood board with a wedding designer. They can help you make your ideas better.

c. Colors and Touches: Choose colors and textures that match your style.

d. Add Your Stuff: Put things in your wedding that show who you are.

3. Use Lights

Lights can make a big difference in how a place looks. Here’s how to use them:

a. Sunlight: If your wedding is during the day, use the sun’s light to make the place look nice.

b. String Lights: String lights can make your wedding look magical when it’s dark outside.

c. Special Lights: Use lights that shine up or down to make the place look better.

d. Candles: Candles can make your wedding look cozy and nice.

4. Choose Elegance

Choose things to make your wedding look elegant. Your wedding designer can help you:

a. Tables: Make your tables look good with fantastic decors like plates and glasses.

b. Centerpieces: Centerpieces should complement your decor without overwhelming the tables. Vases, candles, or floral arrangements can be elegant choices.

c. Furniture: The furniture you choose should align with your style. Consider specialty rentals for unique pieces.

d. Backdrops: For ceremony or photo backdrops, choose elements that enhance your style, such as arches, curtains, or floral installations.

5. Plan the Layout

Think about how people will move in your wedding place. Your wedding designer can help you with that:

a. Ceremony Flow: Make sure people can walk easily during the ceremony.

b. Dinner to Dance: Think about where people will sit for dinner and where they’ll dance.

c. Resting Places: If you have places for people to sit and rest, put them where they fit.

d. Picture Spots: Find places where people can take nice pictures.

6. Floral and Greenery Selection

Flowers and green stuff can make your wedding place look lovely:

a. Bouquets: Match your bridal bouquet to your wedding style. Discuss flower choices, colors, and shapes with your florist.

b. Centerpieces: Ensure your centerpieces enhance your table settings. They should be eye-catching without obstructing guests’ views.

c. Statement Arrangements: Consider creating statement floral arrangements at key locations, like the ceremony backdrop or entrance.

d. Greenery: Incorporate greenery like eucalyptus, ivy, or ferns for a lush, natural look.

7. Make It Yours

Put things in your wedding place that show who you are:

a. Monograms: Personalized monograms or initials can be displayed throughout the venue.

b. Photos: Incorporate framed photos or a photo wall that tells your love story.

c. Guest Book Table: Style the guest book table with personal items or mementos.

d. Favors: Create wedding favors that reflect your style and personality.

Want More Ideas?

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Your wedding adventure is just beginning, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Enjoy planning your special day in Austin, Texas!