Weather-Proof Your Austin Wedding: Contingency Plans -

Weather-Proof Your Austin Wedding: Contingency Plans

Hello, soon-to-be brides and grooms! Austin, Texas, can be a bit unpredictable when it comes to weather. But don’t fret, we’re here to help you plan for your big day, no matter what the weather decides to do. We’ll share some tips and ideas to make sure your wedding is perfect, come rain or shine.

1. Perfect Places Indoors

When it comes to picking a place for your wedding, think about going indoors. Indoor venues in Austin can be both cozy and beautiful.

Tip: When you’re choosing an indoor spot, make sure it’s the right size for your guest list. And don’t forget to talk to the people who run the place about what happens if it rains. Having a backup plan is a smart move!

2. Tent Time

If you really want an outdoor wedding, you can put up a big tent. Tents give you shelter and still let you enjoy the great outdoors.

Tip: When you’re renting a tent, make sure it’s strong and can handle all kinds of weather. You might want to add sides to the tent and heaters to keep everyone comfy. And don’t forget to think about the ground under the tent – sometimes you need to put down a special floor to keep your guests’ feet dry.

3. Plan for Photo Surprises

Austin is full of beautiful spots for wedding photos. But if a surprise rainstorm shows up, you’ll need some backup ideas.

Tip: Make a list of indoor places where you can take photos. Think about museums, art galleries, or cool Austin landmarks. And talk to your photographer to make sure they’re ready to take great indoor shots.

4. Rainy Day Accessories

Rain won’t stop your wedding fun! You can make rain a part of your wedding style by using fun umbrellas and rain gear.

Tip: Find colorful or see-through umbrellas that match your wedding colors. You can also give your guests little umbrellas or rain ponchos if your wedding is partly outdoors. It’s a clever way to keep everyone dry and happy.

5. A Dry Place for Guests

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, think about a dry place for your guests to sit in case of rain. No one likes getting wet while waiting for a wedding to start!

Tip: Find a nice indoor spot or a covered area where your guests can gather before the ceremony. Make it look pretty and fit with your wedding theme. That way, it feels like part of your big day, even if it’s not in the plan.

6. Weather Updates for Everyone

Keep your guests in the loop about the weather plan. Share any changes or news through your wedding website, emails, or social media.

Tip: Ask a member of your wedding party or a good friend to be the “Weather Reporter.” They can keep everyone updated and help with last-minute changes.

7. Hire a Wedding Whiz

Sometimes, having a professional wedding planner can make all the difference, especially if the weather turns tricky.

Tip: Look for a wedding planner who knows Austin well. They can help you find last-minute options if the weather doesn’t cooperate. They’ll be super helpful in making quick decisions.

8. Time the Ceremony Right

Adjust your ceremony start time-based on the weather. If rain is on the way, try to pick a time when it’s less likely to pour.

Tip: Do a little research to find out when it’s usually rainy in Austin. Then talk to your wedding planner about the best time to have your ceremony. You might even catch a beautiful sunset between rain showers!

Now you’re all set to have a great Austin wedding, no matter what the weather brings. Make sure to read our other blogs for even more wedding advice: “Embracing Texas Traditions in Your Austin Wedding” and “How to Choose the Perfect Austin Wedding Photographer.”

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Enjoy planning your wedding, and may your big day be sunny, rain or shine!

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