Your Special Day, Your Choice: How to Ask for a Grown-Up Wedding -

Your Special Day, Your Choice: How to Ask for a Grown-Up Wedding

Hey there, soon-to-be-married folks of San Antonio, Texas! Getting ready for your big day is super exciting, and there’s something important you might want to think about: should your wedding be for grown-ups only? It’s a big decision, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure it out and explain it in a way that’s easy to understand.

1. The Decision to Go Adults-Only

First things first, why do some couples decide to have a wedding just for grown-ups? Well, there are a few reasons:

Atmosphere: Many couples prefer a sophisticated and calm atmosphere that adults tend to create. This can be especially important for evening events or formal weddings.

Money Matters: Weddings can cost a lot, and inviting fewer people can save you some money.

Personal Picks: Sometimes, couples just picture a wedding with their adult friends and family. That’s totally okay—it’s your day!

Space Stuff: Sometimes, the place where you’re having your wedding can only fit a certain number of people. In that case, you might need to invite only adults.

2. Be Honest and Clear

If you decide to have a grown-up wedding, you’ll need to tell your guests in a nice way. Here’s how to do it:

Invitations First: Write the names of the people you want to invite on the invitation. For example, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” instead of “The Smith Family.” This shows exactly who’s invited.

Kid Space: If you’re having a special spot for kids at your wedding, mention it on the invitation. That way, parents know there’s a fun place for their little ones.

Wedding Website: If you have a wedding website, use it to explain why you’re having a grown-up wedding. Tell your guests why you made this choice and how much you appreciate them.

Talk to Family and Friends: Ask your closest family and friends to help explain your choice to others. They can tell people nicely that it’s a grown-up party.

RSVP Cards: On your RSVP cards, make sure there’s a spot where your guests can say how many people are coming from their families. This helps you know who’s joining.

3. Handling Questions and Worries

Some guests might have questions or worries about your grown-up wedding. Be ready to listen and help them feel comfortable:

Talk About It: If someone asks why it’s an adult-only wedding, be honest and kind. Tell them your reasons and that you hope they understand.

Help with Childcare: If a guest is worried about finding someone to watch their kids, you can offer ideas for babysitters or nearby daycare places. This can ease their concerns.

Special Cases: Sometimes, you might make exceptions for very close family or special situations. If you do, be gentle and private about it.

4. Using the Right Words

Using polite words is super important when you’re explaining your choice. Here are some good ways to say it:

“We are creating an intimate atmosphere for our wedding and kindly request that the celebration be adults-only.”

“In order to maintain a sophisticated and tranquil ambiance, we are hosting an adults-only reception.”

“We appreciate your understanding as we choose to have an adults-only wedding.”

“To ensure that all our guests have a wonderful time, we have arranged for a separate area where children can enjoy the evening.”

5. Always Be Gracious

Even if you explain everything super nicely, not everyone might agree with your choice. That’s okay—be kind and respectful:

Respect Their Decision: Just like you hope your guests will respect your choice, be understanding if some can’t come because of it.

Say Thanks: After the wedding, send sweet thank-you notes to all your guests. Tell them how grateful you are for their support.
Enjoy Your Big Day: When your wedding day comes, focus on celebrating your love with the people who are there.

6. Keep the Wedding Fun Going!

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We wish you a wedding filled with love, joy, and understanding, just the way you’ve planned it!